Has everyone forgotten that they *are* out to get us?

[I’m a little less than two weeks behind in my feeds as of this post.]

While reading Mark Cuban’s post about the Apple-FBI backdoor tug-of-war it occurred to me that … maybe this is all ‘security street theater’.

If a backdoor can be installed on existing phones, technically, then we should assume it’s already been done. It’s not credible that the FBI has no one in-house or willing to work for them that can’t do it. It’s impossible that Apple’s engineers alone are capable of installing a backdoor, if anyone can.

So what’s the purpose of this very public showdown? I suspect it may be to give the appearance that the FBI (and the NSA) aren’t in comfortable cahoots with Apple (and Google and etc.).

If anyone in a federal law enforcement, or military, organization wanted access to the contents of someone’s iPhone – and they couldn’t get access themselves (which I’d be willing to bet they could anyways) – I certainly wouldn’t think they’d have any problem getting someone at Apple to give them access, entirely out of the public eye.

I’m not being paranoid. They really are out to get our data!

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